milk pendants.

Breast Milk Pendants starting at $65.
I am the original creator of Breast Milk Pendants™ and my business started in 2002. Please take my expertise into consideration when choosing to have something so precious preserved.Breastfeeding has changed my life, expanded my mind, and connected me to my boys in ways I could have never imagined. I am so very passionate about my children and amazed that my milk has helped them grow so beautifully. What an extraordinary power to MAKE MILK, and I would do anything to preserve that forever. These beautiful pendants do just that, and last as a visual keepsake that you can pass to your children as they become parents. To see that precious milk preserved forever is beautiful to me and I hope you agree.
These are the current style Breast Milk Pendants™ I offer.
Pendant Measurements:
. petite circle 3/4″
. petite square/diamond 3/4″
. petite oval 1 x 3/4″
. petite rectangle 1 x 3/4″
. large circle 1″
. large square/diamond 1″
. large oval 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
. large rectangle 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Milk Bead Petite Shapes:
. star
. heart
. triangle
. diamond
. square
. circle
. cross
. teardrop
. crescent moon
. birch leaf
. oak leaf
. maple leaf
. dragonfly
. butterfly
. bird
. caterpillar
. starfish
. seashell
. daisy
. flower
. tulip
. sun
Milk Bead Large Shapes:
. star
. heart
. flower
. hand print
. letter
. number
*Small milk beads can go in large pendants, but large milk beads cannot go in small pendants.
* When choosing a small milk bead along with a large Milk Pendant, please keep in mind that there will be more blank space (clear resin) than seen in a small Milk Pendant.  If you don’t like this chose a large milk bead.

The Process.
This is a lengthy process that has many steps, each step requiring several days, and it is important the resin cures completely. Generally it takes a minimum of four weeks from the time I receive your milk depending on amount of orders I have.
I will put great care and respect to preserve YOUR milk as an everlasting keepsake to your precious nursing experience. Please know that I will in fact use YOUR milk, as I would expect the same in trusting someone with something so personal. From one mama to another, you can trust me.
Shipping Details.
Once your order is placed you will need to ship your milk to me. Upon receiving your payment I will give you my shipping address – you may use whatever carrier you prefer. Shipping expenses to me is your responsibility and not included in the pendant price.

You do not need to pack the milk on ice. You may send fresh or frozen milk.  Many people are concerned with the milk becoming rancid while sitting in the mail. As long as your milk has not changed colors it is usable. The milk is thoroughly mixed before the creation process, solving any separation issues that naturally occur; however, some color variations may be seen such as swirls or spots giving it unique character (please see “Things to Consider” below for more info).

I only need a small amount of milk, approximately one tablespoon per pendant, and it needs to be shipped securely in a sealed bag, breast milk storage bags have worked well as they are thick (double bagging is helpful). Hand expressing may be more effective in collecting such a small amount.  Making a recycled mailer with cardboard is also helpful as it will protect against punctures, I have also had mamas simply send in a letter envelope too with no issues.

Please DO NOT send any type of bottle or container.  These almost always leak and creates a huge mess.  If you decide to send a container anyway, they will notbe returned.  Be sure to put correct postage on your package to avoid delays with your order.Check the status of your order here.
This part is VERY important as I often get several shipments of milk daily…  Please include in a note with your milk that states your name and order number.  Your note will travel with your milk until it is processed, complete, and ready for shipping to ensure accuracy.
Things to Consider.
. Color. When deciding to order your Milk Pendant please keep in mind that every sample of milk turns out differently.  The color of the milk bead can also be a mix, or swirl of different shades.  Your milk is thoroughly mixed before the creation process begins solving any separation issues that naturally occur; HOWEVER, some milk tends to separate more than others.  This persistent separation results in the two-toned pendants where you might see a bright white and cream mix, either swirled or spotted.  Again, the result just depends on your sample of milk, and the natural separation of fats as the milk is cured.Think about it…  If color variations did not exist then you can almost guarantee that your real milk was not used.  A smooth, pure white milk bead wouldn’t make sense because human milk is not like milk in the carton – human milk is less rich, or more watery, than the milk of mammals whose young nurse less often.When you collect the milk for your pendant consider this…  the color of the milk you send me for your pendant will be the color of your milk bead.  Please keep this in mind if you are taking certain medications that may change the appearance of your milk such as antibiotics, eating a lot of dyed foods, etc.
. Bubbles. Resin naturally forms bubbles in the pouring process. When embedding the milk bead, the resin and milk react to one another causing more bubbles than you would typically see when working with resin. Every effort is put into producing as few bubbles as possible, but still a few tiny bubbles will remain. I think this actually gives the pendant character and magic, an organic appearance.
. Milk Bead Shape. Please look closely at the pictures provided on my blog, Etsy shop, and Facebook page. I take pictures in natural sunlight, and they a true representation of the pendant.  I will NOT remake your pendant because you want a different milk bead so please enlarge and examine the pictures carefully, and be very specific when placing your order.
. Milk Bead Placement. Milk bead placement may differ from order to order. If you have a specific preference on where/how the milk beads are placed within a pendant please include this in a message with your order and in the note along with your milk. If you do not specify, the placement will be at my discretion. I do not remake pendants do to miscommunication on bead placement.
. As a Rule. No two pendants will ever be a like because every one’s milk is different.  Also, this is a handmade item so the uniqueness and beauty is naturally one of a kind.Caring for your Pendant.
The milk bead is placed within resin that makes it water resistant, but please try to keep it away from standing water or frequent water exposure. With something so precious my greatest recommendation is to treat it like your pearls – take it off before showering or sleeping, then putting it back on to start your day. It is also recommended that you keep exposure to light at a minimum when not in use to preserve the natural color of the milk, also prevent exposure to extreme heat.
Your pendant will have a small drilled hole and ring for stringing on your necklace. A necklace and other embellishments are NOT included in the pendant price unless ordering a locket, but I do have many fun things to add to your keepsake such as birthstones and necklaces. Check out the extras section in my shop.
.Nursing Necklace. Milk Pendants also make fine nursing necklaces, and how appropriate with your milk inside! Just add on a beautiful adjustable silk necklace from my shop. It is a very durable gem and smooth on little hands (no teeth though!).
.BOGO 1/2 off. Buy one, get one half off is offered if you would like to get more than one pendant. Some moms have requested a pendant to pass down for each of their children, so this is helpful. BOGO 1/2 off is only good for ONE milk source, not valid for two separate milk sources (i.e. one from you and the other from a donor’s supply, or one from your first baby’s milk and and the second from another child’s).
.Additional Milk Beads. You may add more milk beads to your pendant. Each additional milk bead is $7 within the same pendant.  I can also add more beads to the petite pendants, but they will overlap and create a layered effect.

Return Policy. There are strictly NO refunds on Milk Pendants.  This is obviously due to the nature of the product, and the time it takes to create each piece.  Please keep in mind all of the above that has been disclosed.  Conflicts are handled on a case by case basis.  Please see my Etsy store policies for more details as these apply anywhere my items are sold.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.
©2002-2012 Hollyday Designs. All rights reserved.

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